Potensic D50

1、Advanced 5G 1080P Camera: Upgraded 5.0G Hz WiFi transmission = high-quality real time video& aerial photos. 2、Dual GPS Mode: Detailed GPS positioning & Auto Return ( low battery/ out of range/remote power-off) to protect the Potensic drone. 3、Follow Me Mode: Automatically follow and capture you wherever you move. 4、Removable battery: Convenient to charge & longer flying time. 5、Draw the Dot: Simple draw dots on screen, the Potensic Drone D50 will move in that direction while keeping its altitude locked.


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Drone with GPS and 1080P FHD Camera 5G FPV Live Video
The Potensic Drone is upgraded with the latest image and video transmission technology, equipped with advanced 1080P FHD 5G Wi-Fi Camera, providing high resolution that help you capture every aerial moment. Potensic GPS drone D50 also is equipped with more amazing functions, like follow me, altitude hold… and it provides a about 10-15 minutes’ stable flight with your kids and friends. With the GPS positioning system, the drone can follow you and track your every move. Furthermore, the latest landing position of drone will be shown on map then you could track it and get it back. You will experience safest and most fun flight ever!

Follow Me
Follow the APP signal of your mobile phone, ensuring your drone captures the images you want no matter where you go.

1080P FHP Camera
The new FHD camera captures incredible images and videos of all your epic high-speed adventures. It will give you a live video of everything drone camera sees as you fly.

Long Control Range & Real-time Transmission
With the built-in 5.0 GHz module, you can see exactly what the camera sees with a live video on your mobile device by installing the APP.

The image transmission distance is up to 300m, meaning you can enjoy the fabulous 1080P scenery 300m away.

Altitude Hold
Intelligent flight control can calculate the suspended height,it has more stable control performance to make the beginner operate it easily. So you do not need to have you hand on the stick to control the drone, making it easier to focus on your aerial photography.

Detachable Battery
The battery is detachable and is 1500 mAh, up to 15mins. Besides, you can get more original battery for D50 from Potensic Amazon store if you want to get longer flight time. Besides, just charge the battery directly without inserting it into the drone which is convenient.

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