Potensic® Mobile Phone Holder

Bike Mount, Potensic® Bike Handlebar Mobile Phone Holder for IOS, Android Smartphone and Other Devices - Black


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Product Features

  • NAVIGATION: With your phone attached to this cradle, you can couple this with google maps cycling navigation and find your way around without stopping to check your phone.
  • MUSIC: Couple this with some Bluetooth earphones and you have a stereo on your bike. It is easy to change tracks and playlists with the phone right in front of you, especially with apps like Power Amp and swipe gestures.
  • CYCLE COMPUTER: This was an unexpected bonus. You can use your phones GPS coupled with one of the many cycling HUD apps on the android app store to create a fully-fledged cycle computer. Max speed, Average speed, distance, trip time, current speed and more.
  • BAR SECURITY: You have a large rubber lined plastic clamp which squeezes onto your handle bar as your twist a rotatory knob. Even when quite tight, you have the confidence that twisting more is not going to cause a snap unlike with cheaper products. This is super easy to attach and has not moved a millimetre since.
  • COMPATIBILITY: (Maximum Width 38-95mm)Bike Mount Holder Handlebar for Cell Phones – iPhone 6/6S/5S/4S,The HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S/S6/S5/S4, Sony Xperia Z, Google Nexus 4/5 Moto G Phone Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2, Lumia 520 HTC One S, Lumia 920, 360 Degree Rotation.

Product Description

The Design of Potensic Bike Phone Holder

Main back area

The main panel which stays on the back of your phone, has two protective layers of foam which are 1.5mm in thickness.

These are situated at the top and lower parts and are larger than most protective foam pads that are much thinner and of less quality.

Please make sure to remove the plastic protection that these come with as it’s not fully noticeable.

Peeling the plastic, can be slightly tricky but not impossible.

Sides holders / grips

Stainless steel side grips with a very strong sprung mechanism.

The side holders actually hold the phone extremely well on their own.

These metal holders cause no damage to the phone as they’re coated in a thick rubber / silicone protection.

Maximum width opening dimensions 9.3cm / 3.66″.

Corner holders

Strong, elastic side holders, which stretch extremely well but hold the phone extra securely in place.

So there’s no lower part were you rest your phone on, as with most phone holders.


360 rotation for been able to position as wished.

Square screw type of mechanism to secure the desired position stays fixed.

When you receive your mount, you receive it in two parts.

Simply make sure that silver labels are on same side and push / slide into place.

Potensic Bike Handlebar Mount Phone Holder Offers the Most Convenient Phone Mounting Solution for Bike or Motorbike Handlebar.